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Romantic Gestures
Shego was slightly worried about the helicopter.
While the sound of police sirens was fading into the distance as the convertible continued to accelerate, the helicopter seemed to be managing to keep pace.
With a mental shrug Shego turned to the woman on her left.
"So, Kimmie. I'm impressed. Seven major felonies with major media attention, law enforcement agencies fully mobilized across six states, and they're considering declaring a state of emergency so they can call out the national guard."
Kim Possible smiled, glancing at Shego for a moment before turning her attention back to the road. "Eight felonies. I don't own the convertible. Good old fashioned Grand Theft Auto."
Shego laughed. "Eight, then. You've certainly gone all out. Why?"
"Do you need me to say it?" Kim's eyes moved towards Shego for a moment, but she didn't turn her head.
"I need to hear you say it." Shego replied in a more serious tone.
"I did it for you. This isn't an experiment. This isn't a phase. This isn't teenag
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Empire of the Mouse
Magneto was one of the last to be brought down, forced to his knees and bound in chains of silver. There were others, obscure figures in hiding, but none left who could be expected to lead a serious resistance.
They had gone into the battle with confidence. Despite the warnings coming out of the Muppet Underground they discounted the severity of the threat. Had they not triumphed when faced with more dire threats?
The first sign that they faced something truly terrifying was when they lost of all of the telepaths. All of a sudden, every telepath, from Professor Xavier to Dr. Druid fell to the ground seemingly comatose. But when you leaned closer you could make out that they were muttering the same phrase, over and over again. "It's a small world after all."
Despite this first blow against them, they rallied and fought valiantly. It was all in vain. Though their foes had no militaristic values to speak of, nor any kind of warrior culture, they did not need it. At these incredible levels
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Mature content
Hunting :iconvincentursus:vincentursus 0 0
Mature content
A Monthly Visitor :iconvincentursus:vincentursus 3 5
An Excuse not to Study
I sat down, adjusted my seat and opened my text book. That was when I began
to feel the sense of wrongness. I wanted to ignore that feeling, I had a lot
of studying to do, but my mother taught me better sense than that.
Not closing the text book, and with entirely feigned nonchalance I headed
towards the kitchen. Never let a hunter know you\'ve spotted them, wolves
aren\'t the only things that can smell fear. Some things are much worse.
I glanced at the hall mirror and adjusted my hair. I had been hoping to spot
whatever it was that was tailing me, but I didn\'t catch so much as a glimpse.
A voice from the part of me that had spent too much time being bored in
lecture halls told me that there was nothing out there and I should stop
being so silly.
I ignored it and walked a little faster. If I could get to the kitchen I
could defend myself. Garlic, wickedly sharp knives, and strange herbs that
weren\'t meant to be used on food, which had been there since my mother first
stocked my kitch
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I Gave My Love
I gave my love nothing for I feared myself
I gave my love a mystery for I feared the truth
I gave my love a letter for I feared to give her my name
I gave my love a night for I feared to give her forever
I gave my love a drop of blood for I feared to give her my heart
I gave my love a truth for I feared she would take mystery for falsehood
I gave my love my name for I feared she would overlook a letter
I gave my love forever for I feared to lose her in a night
I gave my love my heart for I feared a drop of blood would not satiate her hunger
I gave my love everything for I feared her
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The Quality of Lies
He told me loved me
And I know that he believed it
I prayed he would still believe it the next morning
But I knew he wouldn't
I told him that he could change
That I would help him
He told me that he believed me
I know that he did
But he remained true to his nature
And so I remained true to mine
For the first time, I regretted my oaths
I tell myself that what I did was right
But I have a doubt, where no doubt ever took root before
Maybe, just maybe, I'm better at making myself believe my own lies
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Our beloved Princess by Rosenbraut Our beloved Princess :iconrosenbraut:Rosenbraut 81 3 Gravity by Pintureiro
Mature content
Gravity :iconpintureiro:Pintureiro 64 2
Selfie by yapi Selfie :iconyapi:yapi 75 14
Yoko's Yard Sale
“Well this sucks…” Yoko thought glumly. The young woman groaned miserably into her gag. A large rubber ball was clenched between her teeth. Two leather straps were attached to the sides of the ball. They circled around her head, buckled tight at the back. Two more straps extended up from these, joining into one at the bridge of her nose. This was pulled over her head and attached at the back. Another strap was pulled under her chin, holding her mouth clamped shut on the gag.
The 18 year old girl shifted her body, trying to find a less uncomfortable position. Her choices were…limited, to say the least. Yoko knelt on the ground in the yard. The trim, green grass beneath her legs was still damp with early morning dew. The teenage girl shivered. It was still rather chilly out and she was still dressed in the clothes she’d gone to bed in: a pair of light blue panties and an old t-shirt. Her straight, black hair was braided into pigtails, hanging over her shou
:iconachast:Achast 74 20
Double Sexy no Jutsu by cpi Double Sexy no Jutsu :iconcpi:cpi 23 16 Asterix Theme Park by Rhiannon-Astraea Asterix Theme Park :iconrhiannon-astraea:Rhiannon-Astraea 3 28 Yaoi Train by Rhiannon-Astraea Yaoi Train :iconrhiannon-astraea:Rhiannon-Astraea 15 45 How the Avengers SHOULD have ended by Rhiannon-Astraea How the Avengers SHOULD have ended :iconrhiannon-astraea:Rhiannon-Astraea 6 17 Fresh Dance by Penchan Fresh Dance :iconpenchan:Penchan 3 2 Horo (Holo) in Apples - Spice and Wolf by Vesta by andrewhitc Horo (Holo) in Apples - Spice and Wolf by Vesta :iconandrewhitc:andrewhitc 313 20 Cualli Tecuani by mr-author Cualli Tecuani :iconmr-author:mr-author 3 1 Huilotl by mr-author Huilotl :iconmr-author:mr-author 7 0 Aisha / Layla Enchantix - Winx Club Cosplay by mirella91 Aisha / Layla Enchantix - Winx Club Cosplay :iconmirella91:mirella91 28 6 Gold Passion by mirella91 Gold Passion :iconmirella91:mirella91 19 6 Cat Tease (skin variant) by MatsOhrman
Mature content
Cat Tease (skin variant) :iconmatsohrman:MatsOhrman 123 24
To Steal a Kiss by harukaplanetpower To Steal a Kiss :iconharukaplanetpower:harukaplanetpower 19 15


Three from Rosie Jade

And three from Tokoron




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